My author life and artist’s business would NOT work without MailerLite. Period. That’s how integral it is to my business as an artist.

But what IS MailerLite?

MailerLite is an incredible email marketing tool that all authors, filmmakers, game designers, and artists should be using to manage communication with their readers and subscribers. I use MailerLite, and I LOVE all their services. More so, I love how low their prices are compared to their competitors!

It’s literally one of my FAV marketing tools, and because I just recorded a tutorial for an author friend of mine on how to use it, I decided to share that same tutorial with you guys! Consider it a mini FREE masterclass on how to start using this awesome tool!

If you’re interested in using MailerLite, you can try it for FREE here: TRY MAILERLITE FOR FREE!

And if you’re itching for a simple and straightforward tutorial, you can check out the video below! 😉


A Badass Introduction to MailerLite