TBB Podcast Episode #4, How to Deal with Haters like a Badass

Hiya, Badasses!

In the upcoming episode, we deal with a problem that MOST creatives have to face on their journeys: HATERS. It’s a sensitive issue as sometimes it involves the people who are closest to us… and sometimes requires us to flush them down the proverbial drain. If you’re dealing with these kind people on your road to creative liberation, then you’re not alone. Stay tuned for inspiration, support, and tips on how to get the dark clouds of negativity out your life and make room for artistic sunshine!

TBB Podcast Episode #3, Building F’empires, The Six-Year Journey of an Ambitious Creative Badass

Hiya, Badasses!

In the upcoming episode, I reflect pretty deeply on the birth, growth, and evolution of Rebel Ragdoll. For those of you lovely newcomers, Rebel Ragdoll is my independent, female-identified, multimedia brand dedicated to increasing the presence and impact of female creatives in the creative industries, genres, and mediums in which they are underrepresented.

Basically, we help women connect with their creative talents, prowess, and power and help them to produce badass novels, films, and games independently. Our focus is sci-fi, fantasy, horror and the paranormal, thrillers, action-adventure, crime, and noir(e).

The journey from 2011 until 2017 has been an insane educational one, so in this podcast, I sum up many of the lessons and nuggets I’ve learned over the years! So stay tuned if you wanna learn from the school of hard knocks…but without the knocks, lol! 😉

TBB Podcast Episode #2, How to Fight Creative Loneliness & Creative Isolation


Welcome back, Creative Badasses! In this episode, I go a little deep and talk about the realness of creative isolation and loneliness. This is a very real topic for a lot of us who spend tons of time creating and producing work as (sometimes unintentional) lone wolves. I tackle some potential solutions here, so please join me on the podcast and tell me what you think!

TBB Podcast Episode #1, Welcome to the Bohemian Badass!


Welcome, Creative Badasses! In this episode, I totally kick-off the podcast with an introduction to not only the podcast, but also to The Bohemian Badass as an entity. We’ll also talk about the f’empire that The Bohemian Badass is a part of, its sister subsidiaries, and the big momma of them all: Rebel Ragdoll! Here’s a warm, sweet-and-spicy hello and welcome from us to you!

10 Badass Ways to Crush the F*CK Out of Writer’s Block, Part I of II

So you can’t write. :-/ You sat down at the keyboard, saw the blank page, and did one of the following: You FREAKED out and got scared that you didn’t really have anything to say. So you ran away from the keyboard and got busy with something else. You started typing and then started criticizing your words until you were… Read more →

Trolls: How They Love to Hate, Hate to Love, and How You Can Repel Them

I See You Trollin. You HATIN’, Patrollin’, You Tryna Catch Me Writin’ Dirty! – A Colby R Rice & Chamillionaire Collaboration. With an apt re-appropriation of Chamillionaire’s lyrics and catchy beat, we delve into the dark realm of trollery. But never fear, good comrades, we doth not need stray into such a grim and treacherous journey alone. We have each… Read more →