My Vision for The Bohemian Badass

My Vision for The Bohemian Badass

Blog #1, My Vision for The Bohemian Badass

Hiya Badasses! Colby here!


So, as I wrap up my creative year on my author blog, I also thought it’d be super important (and awesomely) to hightail it over here and LAY DOWN my plans for this sexy (potentially sexy?) business for the year of 2016.

Things I‘d love to WILL do at The Bohemian Badass in 2016:

Goal #1: Create literally the baddest ass, sexy-brand-flossin’, info-packin’ creative blog, community, and business of all time that serves up the sickest value EVA

So, yes, I realize that I’m a new kid on the block. There are other biggies and baddies out there who are just KILLING this blogging game, and I love AALL of them (total fangirl here)! They’re making the coolest moves, setting the trends, and dropping crazy knowledge on how to be a badass boss (BAWSE) who makes an independent, lifestyle-based living.

But I have dreams too, yo. I dream of a place (mine) where women who want to create (ma peeps) can come here to The Bohemian Badass (da crib) and learn how make all the cool stuff they’ve ever wanted to make EVER (get mad skillz).

We’ve got the Bohemian Badass Social Network. We’ve got the blog space. We’ve got the idea(z). So we need to do this ish. Or in The Bohemian Badass’ sacred and holy language “Badassian”: we need to #createdatish.

And when I say WE, I don’t mean “we” in the “You, Me, and Irene” sense, but in that I want YOU to be there with me! Because this is a community. Of badasses. Doing the baddest ass creative stuff EVA.

Goal #2: Put together LOTS of sweet, badunka free stuff for ya’ll

No, I didn’t make up the word “badunka”, but I sure as heck re-appropriated the F*CK out of it just now. (BOOM!)

From here on in, BADUNKA means “supremely awesome”. Not that booty-clappin’, earthquake-in-assery, type stuff.

ANYWHO, where was I? Oh yeah!! I’m putting together the illest FREE courses, workbooks, master classes, e-books, audiobooks, and more for you guys; and I have to say, creating all this stuff does make me feel pretty awesome.

Because I think you’ll fucking LOVE it.

Because I think it’ll rock your socks.

Because I think it’ll make you question what you’re currently doing with your life.

Because I think it’ll help you take some seriously actionable steps towards unlocking your creative potential.

Because when you’re done gobbling up my free stuff and taking the action steps I lay out, you WILL have created something significant: like maybe a book, a book outline, a script, a game demo, a game design document, a creative project slate, a blog, or maybe even a whole friggin’ creative empire just ready and rearin’ to go dominate! (Hint, hint!)

So stay tuned. I’m already gettin’ my slow-and-sexy blog on (70+ 1,000-3,000 word articles already in the backend queue and counting). I just copped ma Yeti microfone and Logitech webcam to broadcast my creative cray to the whole world. And I’m revvin’ up my Pinterest, Periscope, LinkedIn, and Instagram channels to bring you the best and brightest content on how to be a creative badass in whatever industry you’re in!

Hope you’re ready, boos! 😉