A Guide to Cultivating Your Inner Child as an Artist


Wanna cut to the chase? Just check out the video, audio, and summary: Your inner child (IC) is the innocent, fun, and playful spirit that believes it can do and be anything. We often lose our IC as adults, which means losing a HUGE part of our artistic spirits! Join me to take your first step towards feeding, loving, and healing your inner child and reclaiming your belief in yourself as an artist!

A Guide to Healing, Loving, and Cultivating Your Inner Child as an Artist

by Bohemian Badass

The Blog Post

Uh oh. Here’s another one of those woo-woo posts, folks…

But judge it all you want, because THIS? This is real. Firs tof all, though, let’s talk about what, exactly, is an inner child (and why cultivating it is important for us as artists).

#1: What the Inner Child Is

Inner Child: a person’s supposed original or true self, especially when regarded as damaged or concealed by negative childhood experiences.

Cultivating your inner child as an artist

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#2: Why Your Inner Child Is Important

Simply: being an artist is a dream that is championed and protected BY your inner child.

Being an artist is the dream that our inner children hold onto while our outer adults slave away at crappy jobs that pay bills, parent crazy kids (and their inner children), and manage all the world’s problems.

And if you were ever told that you would never be able to achieve becoming a full-time artist, that art wasn’t important to the world, or the ever-popular “you need to go get a real job”, then trust me, the inner child in you has been bruised.

And while your IC is bruised or injured, they cannot protect your artistic dreams.

So we need to protect, heal, love, feed, and cultivate our inner children.

Trust me, he or she is starved for love, attention, affection, and especially PLAY.

“Being an Artist is a dream that is championed and protected BY your inner child.”

#3: The Solution

So, let’s FEED our inner child! Let’s love on and cultivate our inner child. What’s better? You’re not on this journey alone! In my next post, I’m going to give you 20 AMAZING ideas on how to love on your inner child, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you know how we do at The Bohemian Badass: it’s not badass if we’re not taking action. So, let’s get actionable.

#4: Breaking Badass & Getting Actionable: Your Artistic Task for Today

Have a conversation with your inner child. Ask them the following questions and journal what their real and raw responses are:

  1. What would you do with your life if there were zero chance of failure?
  2. If you didn’t have to work, how would you fill your time? (Responses that don’t require artistic effort, like “laying on the beach” don’t count.)
  3. If you had endless money, what would you do as an artist?
  4. Artistically, what would you do for free even if you had the opportunity to get paid?

“We need to protect, heal, love, feed, and cultivate our Inner Children.”

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