Novel writing & Novelists

Whether you want to write a standalone novel, a trilogy, a serial, or an entire series, we’ve got all the resources to help you become the badass novelist you’ve always wanted to be!

TV writing & TV writers

If you’ve always wanted to develop your amazing idea for television into your very own TV series, complete with fully-fleshed out seasons and episodes, then this is DEFINITELY the path for you!


Have you always wanted to write a badass screenplay in the genre of your dreams? Then this is the path and the tribe you want to join!!

Video Game Writing & video Game Writers

Game writing exists inside of a multi-BILLION dollar industry that is largely untapped by women and people of color, so let me help you break in, or even better, help you CREATE your very own gaming studio!

video Game Design &
video Game Designers

Is game design more your style, rather than game writing? Do you want to learn how to program, build game engines, design and rig characters, and build incredible gaming levels? Then THIS is the tribe for you!

Playwriting & Playwrights

If you’re more of a lover of theatre and stage plays, this is your tribe, my dear Badass. We’ll be taking stage play ideas from concept to their final forms, including 10-minute plays, one-acts, full-lengths, and yes, even MUSICALS!

Comic Writing &
Comic Writers

Want to give Marvel, DC, and Image a run for their money? Want to learn how to mash up incredible writing with a bomb ass storyboard? Keen on establishing your own indie comics publishing house? Then this is the tribe for you!

Blogging, bloggerS, & Infopreneurs

So you have a niche that you know TONS about and you want to make money by sharing your knowledge. Well, THIS tribe is focused on building up incredible blogging businesses, so what are you waiting for? Join today!

(For film and television)

Writing is an incredible thing, but you also see yourself taking control of a project and bringing it to life on the screen (big or small)! Maybe you want to direct a hot new sci-fi, a contained action thriller, or more! If so, THIS is the tribe for you!

producing & producers (for film and television)

Scouting for stories, optioning, packaging, raising money, marketing, selling, and just being a BOSS on the film set sounds like the job of your dreams. Then join our tribe to become a film/TV producing Badass!

Business for Artists

Whether you’re a novelist or screenwriter, game developer or blogger, you want to make a viable, badass (and lifestyle-based) living off your art. Join our tribe of Badass Creative Entrepreneurs to learn how to build a great business and make a living off your art!

ART LIFE: Self-care for artists

Your creative work is not only work of art in the game… YOU ARE TOO! So you need to take care of yourself. Join this tribe to learn how to take care of your health, happiness, and self-love as you also make your art shine!



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