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With the best free creative info, interviews, inspiration, and resources around. This is where we get epic-as-fuck and dive into every aspect of badass creation known to mankind:

  • Novel writing
  • Scriptwriting (TV, Feature Films, and Web Series)
  • Comics Writing & Comics Creation
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  • Creative Blogging
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  • And way, WAAAY more!

Wanna know how to make blood for your DIY horror movie? We got you. Need to get a light, crash course on how to write that kick ass novel? This is the place to be! We also tackle these topics from perspectives that are rarely discussed or road-mapped. How to write cinematically, or writing trilogies or novel series from beginning to end, for example. Or, how to film your OWN independent TV series with your OWN production house! And more.

Can you say, “Creative Badassery to the Max?” 😉

So check out our blog, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to develop and EVOLVE creative projects that will karate-kick the fuck out of your creative industry!