About Rebel Ragdoll & Our Sister Partners

Being creatively badass and pushing change isn’t a one-woman show!

The Bohemian Badass is proud to be a partner, sister, and subsidiary of Rebel Ragdoll, LLC, where we– along with three other creative, fempreneurial enterprises– push forward the mission of empowering women to create.

Check out our creative mama and our three sister partners below, and embrace your power to create!

Rebel Ragdoll

Our Vision

The mother of all things Badass and our umbrella brand!

Rebel Ragdoll, LLC is an independent, female-identified, multimedia production and publishing brand dedicated to increasing the presence and impact of female creatives in the creative industries, genres, and mediums in which they are underrepresented.

In essence, we are an indie creative f’empire comprised of FOUR different creative houses:

  • Rebel Ragdoll Press (publishing),
  • Rebel Ragdoll Productions (film & TV),
  • ChickRogue Studios (games, software, and animation), and,
  • The Bohemian Badass (creative education & training).

Keep on reading to find out even MORE about each of our sisters and partners in creative crime! 😉

REBEL_RAGDOLL logoRebel Ragdoll Press

Our sister partner in publishing!

We are an independent female-identified publishing house dedicated to increasing the presence of female creatives in the fiction genres and mediums where we are underrepresented.

Our genres of interest include sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventure, true crime, noir, and thriller. Our mediums of interest include novels, comics (web & print), manga, and graphic novels.

We support female, female-identified, and transgendered authors AND / OR works with these representations.

Check out our two flagship brand authors: Colby R Rice & Vanessa M Bain (in progress).

Rebel Ragdoll Productions

Our sister partner in film and TV production!

We are an independent, female-identified, multimedia production house dedicated to increasing the presence and prominence of female creatives in front of and behind the camera.

We produce films, TV, web series, and film shorts in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, thriller, action-adventure, true crime, and noire that is written by women or that feature women as central figures. We also use all-female crews to shoot, produce, edit, and market the films.

Rebel Ragdoll Productions will open in January 2017! We will also begin the development of our first action-thriller film that same year. Principal photography will begin in summer of 2019!


ChickRogue Studios

Our sister partner in 3D game / game console development and animation!

We are an independent, female-identified, game development and animation studio dedicated to increasing the presence and prominence of female creatives in game design, console design, animation, and software development.

We produce educational software, apps, mobile games, freeware, animation, 3D games, and game consoles. We specialize in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, survival horror, action-adventure, stealth-thriller, true crime, and noire that is written and/or designed by women.

We use all-female crews to design and ship our games and products.

ChickRogue Studios will open in January 2020!