About Colby R. Rice

Hey Creative Boos!

Welcome creative sojourner! I'm your Gandalf... with a 'fro. Nice to meet you!

Welcome creative sojourner! I’m Colby, your personal Gandalf… with a ‘fro. Nice to meet you! I’m here to help you on your creative journey to badassery and beyond! 😉

So, this post is divided into roughly two parts: who I am and what I can do for you as a creative.  Feel free to scroll to whichever section interests you most!

Who I Am

I’m just going to write a really brief introduction of myself here for anyone who doesn’t know me quite yet!

I’m Colby R Rice, a writer by trade, a creative by necessity, lol! (For realz, I’d literally go insane if I couldn’t live fully in my creativity.)

Born in Bitburg, Germany to military parental units, I was an Air Force BRAT only for a year before I came hurtling down into the U S of A in 1986.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed causing mayhem and madness across the U.S. as I’ve bounced from place to place: my hometown to boarding school to various cities and then abroad… and I’m back, taking on the fiction writing trinity (novels, screenplays, and video games) in a fight to the death!

I’ve published two novels, with a third, fourth, fifth and sixth, and seventh on their ways out at the beginning of 2016 and beyond. Plus a trilogy. Cuz I’m cray like that, and I love what I do!

BOEcollageFrom there, my works will be succeeded by what I hope will be an endless SLEW of urban fantasy, sci-fi thriller, and dystopian sci-fi novel kick-assery, released on a monthly basis.

ALSO: I’m a game writer, screenwriter, playwright, emerging film producer, creative indie entrepreneur, and CEO. (By the way, CEO here means Creative Entrepreneur Overlord. Muah ha ha!)

Since the fall 2012, when I finally stopped being a chicken and decided to be a full-time creative, I’ve written / created / produced nearly 30 video game missions and scripts, three novels, a novel boxset, three audiobooks, a few TV scripts, multiple logosmall plays, a play festival, seven film projects, taught two semester-long screenwriting &
producing seminars, and have written and produced literally nearly 200 non-fiction blogs, vlogs, and podcasts (collectively), all dealing with story and creativity.

I’ve also established a 4-subsidiary, female-identified multimedia brand, and now, also an online school. I manage multiple brands, projects, and websites for my f’empire and its subsidiaries, have spearheaded more organizations and committees than I can count, and have held three Hollywood-industry internships.

And half of that was done while studying and teaching in a full-time Sociology Phd program. And while traveling. The other half? Done while raising a crazy infant, lol!

But don’t hold your breath. I’m not even CLOSE to being finished yet.


Need I say more?

I like to say that I won my growing media f’empire, Rebel Ragdoll, in a drinking game between me and the god of wine and women, but in truth, I just filled out some boring paperwork. 😉

I love working on multiple projects. ALL the projects. At the same time. I’m cray cray for creation.

And I’m a mom to an amazing little girl, who is the ultimate form of love and creation all smushed together. She also has the cutest, chubbiest, chewiest little cheeks ever. God, she’s awesome.

And I like taro pudding. And I have afro puffs. And I love to cook gourmet stuff and travel (over 15 countries so far and counting!), and love to learn and speak languages. Six and counting! (Though I’d love some more practice speaking on a daily basis.)

My life rocks only because I can create, live, love, and do all three at the same time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What I Do (and What I Can & Will Do for YOU!)

Listen. I’m here because I want to help you become a creative badass. And if you’re already a creative badass, I’m here to help you up-level your skills in whichever way you like! Here are the resources I’m laying out for you here at my homesite:

  • A badass blog with epic posts, walk-throughs, free tutorials, PDF worksheet downloads, and sweet goodies to help you produce, promote, and profit from your art.
  • A FREE podcast series with interviews and features of writers, artists, filmmakers, screenwriters, playwrights, producers, game writers and designers, comic writers, illustrators, creative entrepreneurs, and WAY MORE so that you can learn from their experiences and expertise.
  • A non-fiction book series (both paid and free) that provides inspiration, education, and awesome hacks for your creative woes. I’m ALSO writing some SWEET reference books and encyclopedias that expound on subjects like creatures, magic, and history for fiction writers, folklore and fantasy, world mysteries, conspiracy theories to write about, and way more!
  • An entire freaking online school chock-full of courses (mini, medium, and large) to help you create the baddest ass content in your life! Looking to write more cinematically across all your mediums? I’ve got a sweet course for that! Want a step-by-step system for writing amazing, high-octane trilogies? This is your stop. Want to professionally write, shoot, produce, and market your own TV series? I got you.
  • Online events, bootcamps, and master classes. Not every course I create will be in the school, but sometimes, I get an itch to teach. OR I see the need to fill a void or fix a creative problem that’s just buggin’ me. So you want to stay tuned to my free courses tab at the top of my webpage so that you can have access to all the masterclasses and bootcamps coming up!
  • An amazing community of creators. Our Badass Co-Creators’ Commune is pretty much aiming to be the Facebook of the creation world. I’m creating a hub of creators who are going to come together to support one another, improve each others’ work, and collaborate to make the badass art they’ve always dreamed of!
  • And finally, direct access to me, your Creative Coach, for any questions you might have or help you may need! I’m pretty much an open book, and as I create more courses, gather more tribes, and build my community, I’ll be available to help you in any way I can!

So, there you have it, creative boo! Hope you join me (and our awesome community) on my journey into creative freedom! Definitely wouldn’t want to do this alone… right? 😉

Keep it indie, and delighted to meet you!
<3 Colby